Scilab 6.0.2

Released on Thu, 14 Feb 2019
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Scilab 6.0.2 is released under the terms of the

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10

Scilab 6.0.2 - Windows 64 bits, (scilab-6.0.2_x64.exe - 181M) (exe)
Scilab 6.0.2 - Windows 32 bits, (scilab-6.0.2.exe - 172M) (exe)

Good chances are, you have a 64 bits machine! 
xsmb xsmn Kết quả xổ số miền bắc But the 32 bits version will work in any cases.


Scilab 6.0.2 - Linux 32 bits, (scilab-6.0.2.bin.linux-i686.tar.gz - 181M) (gz)
Scilab 6.0.2 - Linux 64 bits, (scilab-6.0.2.bin.linux-x86_64.tar.gz - 238M) (gz)

Mac OS X

xsmb xsmn Kết quả xổ số miền bắcYou may be prompted to install an old Java version, which is available at the following url: 

xsmb xsmn Kết quả xổ số miền bắcFor more info, visit this page from our partner University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC):

For questions, refer to the mailing list: